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Presentations in 360 degree surround Panorama photography

Panorama Photography from Bali, Indonesia

360 degree Immersive picure Gallery from Bali, for fun, education and maybe business as well. The world is not a still place, we are moving in 360 degree freedom with our vision, and the pictures on this site allow you to move around as well.

Panorama photography usually gives people a better idea where its all about... The interactive pictures show much more then an ordinary picture and make that people become involved with the subject in a way that 2D pictures can hardly accomplish.

Please browse this site by clicking on the categories on the left, please be advised, you enjoy this site better if you have a fast connection to the internet, allthough the medium resolution panoramas are suitable for people with dial-up connections and a bit of patience. You need to have Quicktime or Macromedia Shockwave installed to view the interactive panorama's.

Bali Panoramas

Please come back often to this site, it will be regurlaly updated with new Bali Panoramas, from known and unknown people and places in Beautiful Bali.

Random Bali Panorama

Uluwatu Cliff Panorama

Uluwatu Cliff Panorama

Panoramas from Jimbaran and Uluwatu

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